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"I am pleasantly surprised at the way this entire system works. I own a Sports Pick Service and it added many customers in the first two weeks. Thanks."

Brett Roberts,
Brett Maverick Sports

"I am highly impressed with the ease of use with your product! I just can't get over how easy it is to use, straight-forward and user-friendly.

From sign up, trial period, to now becoming a new customer, including adding a vanity number, the entire process has been so smooth and a joy to setup!"

Dianna Mangus,
Virtual Skyscraper

"You just keep getting better and better. I have gone through three 800 numbers before you and you are by far the best! Thanks for continuing to get better."

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Canada Toll-Free or Local Numbers for Canadian Businesses and Mobile Professionals...
NO Currency Exchange - Billed in Canadian dollars

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Choose your own Canadian toll-free or local number - your new "Communications Center"

Send and Receive Internet Fax Included (dedicated fax number, fax-on-demand included)

Complete Virtual PBX with Auto-Attendant, Flexible Call Routing & Music On-Hold

Powerful Voicemail System with user configurable settings and greeting only options

Free Call Controller Software for PC & Mac gives you complete control over your:
Answering Rules, Call Forwarding, Call Screening, Message Alerts & Call Log and more
Your entire business is at your fingertips in a convenient desktop application/widget

Click To Call Features: Call out from your "business phone" using "Click To Call Out";
Give your website visitors a "
Click To Call" button to instantly connect their phone to you!

Fully Integrates with Microsoft Outlook: Your productivity will soar with shortcuts to
your new communication tools: Send and receive faxes by email, click to call, & more...

Low-Cost VOIP DigitalLine Service gives you full access to your new virtual phone system
using your existing phones and an included ATA adapter -- or use any SIP compatible phone

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