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"I am pleasantly surprised at the way this entire system works. I own a Sports Pick Service and it added many customers in the first two weeks. Thanks."

Brett Roberts,
Brett Maverick Sports

"I am highly impressed with the ease of use with your product! I just can't get over how easy it is to use, straight-forward and user-friendly.

From sign up, trial period, to now becoming a new customer, including adding a vanity number, the entire process has been so smooth and a joy to setup!"

Dianna Mangus,
Virtual Skyscraper

"You just keep getting better and better. I have gone through three 800 numbers before you and you are by far the best! Thanks for continuing to get better."

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Every new toll-free number comes with tons of Advanced Features:

Automated Attendant, Custom Call Routing, built-in Internet Fax for sending and receiving faxes, Dial By Name Directory and more! Your New Toll Free Number is perfect for smart mobile professionals, small companies and people with home offices.

Choose Your Number, Pick Your Plan... You're Done!

New Toll-Free Service
Take your choice of any available 800, 866, 877 or 888 number, pick a custom vanity number, or even a local number in practically any area code. HOT TIP: You can even transfer your existing number(s) over to your New Toll-Free Number to take advantage of its advanced features.

Answer and make calls anywhere on your mobile phone, your home or office phones, or even on your computer!

You can use your New Toll-Free Number to:

A Virtual Phone System That Grows Alongside Your Business

Your New Toll-Free Number is flexible and easy to configure so that your virtual phone system matches perfectly to your needs. Whether you work alone or with a team, as your needs expand, you can add extensions for new employees, create departments, and connect remote locations or personnel.

Instantly Improve Your Company's Image In A BIG Way

Your New Toll-Free Number instantly upgrades your company's image and professional aesthetic. Your callers will be welcomed by professionally recorded custom greetings , on-hold music and promotional announcements of your choosing.

Receive Incoming Voicemail and Faxes From Anywhere

Voicemail messages and incoming faxes are delivered to via email, on your cell phone or through your PDA. You can also send faxes via email, from the Web or your PC or Mac just as easily.

Answering Rules Let You Take Control Of Your Calls

Your New Toll-Free Number gives you total control over all your incoming calls and faxes. You can easily set up simple or complex answering rules using your online control center. You can specify call routing for different times of the day or week, different types of callers, based on the number dialed, or even special priority callers. You are in control and have total flexibility.

Your New Toll Free Number Is The Perfect Integrated Business Communications System

You can activate and set up your new virtual phone system in less than 5 minutes for as little as $9.99 a month, all by yourself! No need for technical know-how or hardware of any kind. It's dead simple. Best of all, your New Toll-Free Number virtual phone system will always meet the needs of your business as it grows.

There are no long-term commitments and no cancellation penalties. Your New Toll-Free Number even offers a
FREE TRIAL so you can try out the service for yourself.

New Toll Free Number

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